Even Yuri Gagarin needs a CDM Co-ordinator

When the statue of Yuri Gagarin – first man in space – needed a new home, the project team had to include a CDM Co-ordinator. Yuri’s latest journey was from The Mall to the Royal Observatory Greenwich where the project delivered a new steel and stone plinth ready to receive him.

I was the CDM-C with an active role in the project. This included the initial F10 notification to the Health and Safety Executive. I also attended design team meetings, promoting collaboration and communication between disciplines.

One challenge arose as, until the statue was removed from its former plinth, the precise nature of the hidden fixings was unknown. I helped the team find an adaptable solution so that this could be accommodated on install day without delays.

I progressed the CDM duties from the notification and design stages into pre-construction information and review of the contractors health and safety plan. At completion I assisted in collating the health and safety file.

The Yuri Gagarin statue was unveiled by his daughter on 7th March 2013, and stands on the cafe terrace at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich also have a news article here.

Bexleyheath Feakes & Richards Houses

What type is yours?

In the 1930’s Feakes & Richards built the Bostall Park Estate; now covering Bexleyheath, Belvedere, parts of Northumberland Heath and Erith. They developed several ‘types’ which can be still be seen all over the Borough today. The Bostall Park Estate brochure was printed by the Croydon Times:

– Click on any of these images to go to larger versions.

Here’s the brochure page for the C type (Coronation) and J type (Jubilee):


In more detail, the J type benefits:

And the page for the K type, N / X types; also the Bungalow and ‘Tudor’:

I especially love the left-hand panel “Of particular interest to the men” listing latest technological advancements included – a ‘super bitumen’ damp course and ‘all-over concrete foundations’ among them…

These excerpts are from Ideal-homes.org.uk.  You can find out much more about the history of our Borough on their interesting website here.  Watch out – like me, you could lose many hours comparing old and new photos and maps!

Are you drinking water through lead pipes?

In four of my recent surveys I’ve found that the mains water supply was via lead pipes. The building owners were unaware they were potentially drinking water with an increased lead content.  The health risks of lead entering the body are well documented, so its worth checking your own supply.  These pictures show some typical lead water supplies.

This may not be too much of a problem in hard water areas as scale and calcium build up inside the pipes can provide some level of separation between the water and the lead itself, but softer water areas don’t benefit from this.  Replacement of the pipework can be costly, but worth it.  More advice is available at the Drinking Water Inspectorate www.dwi.gov.uk.