Bexleyheath Feakes & Richards Houses

What type is yours?

In the 1930’s Feakes & Richards built the Bostall Park Estate; now covering Bexleyheath, Belvedere, parts of Northumberland Heath and Erith. They developed several ‘types’ which can be still be seen all over the Borough today. The Bostall Park Estate brochure was printed by the Croydon Times:

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Here’s the brochure page for the C type (Coronation) and J type (Jubilee):


In more detail, the J type benefits:

And the page for the K type, N / X types; also the Bungalow and ‘Tudor’:

I especially love the left-hand panel “Of particular interest to the men” listing latest technological advancements included – a ‘super bitumen’ damp course and ‘all-over concrete foundations’ among them…

These excerpts are from  You can find out much more about the history of our Borough on their interesting website here.  Watch out – like me, you could lose many hours comparing old and new photos and maps!