We provide a selection of survey services to suit your project, budgeting and strategy needs – condition surveys, PPM surveys and measured surveys:

  • For use in planning an alteration or refurbishment project
  • For use in creating maintenance plans (PPM plans)
  • For stock condition records
  • For monitoring maintenance performance and upkeep by a third party

Please note we do not provide Homebuyer reports, home purchase surveys or valuations. If you wish to arrange for a home survey, you should consult the directory of RICS Chartered Surveyors at

Building Survey (Condition Survey)

This detailed survey is relevant if you want to budget for works or prior to undertaking alterations or refurbishment. This fully describes the building, its defects, repairs needed and the likely costs of them, future maintenance considerations and more. This report includes approximately 60 photographs.

This report is intended to:
– Describe the building
– Describe the locality and environmental issues noted
– Identify defects present now
– Identify defects likely in the future
– Advise methods for correcting those defects
– Advise likely costs for correcting those defects
– Advise future maintenance requirements
– Advise on other issues pertinent to a purchase of the property

This report does not:
– Recommend general improvement, refurbishment or aesthetic redecoration work
– Give legal advice
– Recommend a purchase continues or is stopped
– Give a valuation of the property or comment on value for money
– Comment on the area, neighbourhood, crime or social issues or desirability of the property
– Please also see Limitations below

PPM Survey

A PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) Survey is used to establish the maintenance needs, priorities and costs for building repairs over the coming five or ten years. This type of survey is best suited to those responsible for budgeting for the up keep of larger buildings or estates. The survey information is collated into a PPM Plan, sometimes called a Maintenance Plan or 5 Year Plan. This is presented as a spreadsheet briefly describing the elements, assigning a condition rating, a priority rating and indicating budget cost and the years due with additional comments and photo graph cross references. Please also see the Limitations below. You can read more about PPM plans here.

Measured Survey

A Measured Survey is undertaken to create a scale drawing of a building when there is no previous drawing or dimension information. The surveyors attend and physically measure the building, collecting all the measurement data as they go. This may be by use of traditional tape measures, modern ‘Disto’ laser measures, or cutting edge scanning equipment. The data is then taken back to the office and plotted into AutoCAD, the industry standard computer drawing software.  The resulting plans are provided to scale, and sent as an Adobe PDF format file which is widely accessible with free viewing software available. Paper plans can be provided if required.


These surveys cannot identify hidden defects within construction or which are hidden from view by fittings, furniture or personal effects, but the surveyor uses their experience to identify any signs or symptoms of hidden defects where appropriate and possible.

The surveyor:

– visually inspects the building from ground level in the accessible grounds, public areas and from the freely and safely accessible interior spaces
– uses a portable ladder to access low roofs for closer inspection
– inspects upper roofs by binoculars from ground level
– opens loft and eaves hatches to access the roof spaces, but does not enter unless it is safe to do so
– lifts drain covers which are lightweight and operable, but not heavy or seized covers
– does not lift floor coverings
– does not move fittings, furniture or personal effects
– does not do any other opening up or breaking into the construction
– does not break into locked areas
– does not enter areas which are unsafe, such as confined spaces or un-boarded lofts
– does not access private land adjacent
– does not undo, dismantle or test any services installations, pipework or drainage
– does not open and operate every window or door, item of ironmongery, drawer or cupboard in the property

The surveyor is not an engineer. If you have particular concerns about the services in a property, including the plumbing, you should engage an engineer to inspect it. You should always have the electrical installation inspected by a qualified electrical engineer or electrician. You should always ask your legal adviser to obtain copies of the gas installation and servicing records. You should only have gas supply and appliance work carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

We are happy to discuss a bespoke service if you have a particular requirement.

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