Specification and Schedules of Works

– to detail proposed works in technical documents suitable for tendering or use in delivery by a contractor.

We have many years experience of creating written specifications and schedules of works. These can be done in a number of formats:

  • Drawing-based Schedule of Works; where the instructional text is placed directly on the technical drawings.
  • Simple Schedule of Works; where a single document concisely lists what is to be done, where, how and to what quality.
  • Full Tender Documents; very detailed specification documents arranged into three parts:
    1. Preliminaries, detailing the applicable contractual arrangements, rules and procedures
    2. Pre-ambles, detailing the quality of materials and workmanship required
    3. Schedule of Works, detailing what is to be done and where
  • We support any of the above with technical drawings produced on AutoCAD as required.
  • Any of the above can be provided within a standard contractual framework, such as a JCT from of contract among others.