Quality and Progress Monitoring

– to independently inspect works on site during construction and provide written reports to highlight adverse issues.

We can carefully monitor works during construction and provide reports to the client which describe the works organisation, progress, quality and safety issues seen. The site visits can be daily, weekly or monthly as required.

For reporting, if the client is local to the work, a face to face update on immediate issues is invaluable. Written reports can be supplemented with photographs which record and illustrate points of note, again this can be done at intervals as required and agreed.

We will also highlight issues arising to the ¬†contractor’s management, especially where a safety issue is seen or where a defect might soon be covered over or be part of works on which later stages rely. Most reputable contractors are very receptive to constructive feedback and early warnings of issues which save them having to come back or undo work later to resolve.

Good monitoring and communication can avoid, manage and reduce conflict between the client and contractor.