Project Management

We manage a project team on an entire project from inception to completion.

We have varied experience in acting as a Project Manager and have managed large and small multi-disciplinary project teams with multiple stakeholders. This has ranged from schemes on private houses from £30,000 to £400,000, commercial projects between £100,000 and £2M, right through to public sector schemes from £1M to £20M.

Typical tasks we carry out under this role are:

  • appoint an architect/designer and manage/coordinate them to produce your design
  • appoint a structural engineer for the parts needed
  • coordinate all survey work, manage the programme, monitor cost and tailor to your budget
  • liaise with planners etc.
  • tender the job to a number of contractors for a competitive price
  • appoint the contractor under a formal contract
  • manage the contract administration, monitor the work
  • carry out quality ‘snagging’ on completion
  • carry out an end of defects period inspection after 12 months and deal with any defects found through retention monies and contract provisions

We can also offer our allied services for survey work, party walls and CDM where required.

If you have a project in mind, please contact us to discuss your needs.