Private road resurfaced in Tonbridge

Road before resurfacingThe residents of a private road in Tonbridge endured years of struggling to reach their houses over what was once a road and worse being inundated by muddy water during heavy rain. The residents of the road, which included private houses along with access to two apartment blocks and sheltered housing, formed a residents association and appointed Dorian Burt to provide options and undertake an improvement project.

The site was very congested with many trees, buried cables, water and gas mains and limited space to supplement the existing drainage. The soils were clay and opportunities for additional drainage very limited. Dorian Burt arranged drain surveys, specified the work, obtained competitive tenders and oversaw the work through a formal contract.
Road after resurfacingThe finished road has upgraded gullies, enlarged and fitted with leaf traps and silt buckets allowing easy cleaning, new edging to keep mud off the road and water bars to drive ways. Residents report the drains now work well and it is a pleasure to drive on their road.