Budget for planned and preventative building maintenance – get a PPM Plan…

With many years of experience in maintenance operations, We are expert in surveying and planning for it. If you are the person responsible for setting budgets for your building(s) upkeep you have three key areas to allow for:

  1. Reactive maintenance costs – to cover unplanned damage and breakdown events
  2. Planned & Preventative Maintenance – expenditure scheduled in advance and designed to repair items as they wear out or to renew them before they breakdown.
  3. Project work – capital expenditure on refurbishment, alteration or improvement.

Dealing with the second of these, Planned & Preventative Maintenance (PPM), can be complex. Do you do your painting or roofing? Deal with safety problems first or protect your business operations?

What to do when and for how much?

The only way to do it properly is to have a PPM Plan. This plan is a schedule of all the major components and the forthcoming years in which expenditure on their upkeep will be needed. It details the likely repair action that will be required and the costs to budget. The plan can allocate priorities to the works; e.g. a safety risk would be top priority, business continuity issues high, asset value protection could be medium and aesthetics or ancillary areas might be a lower priority. The plan also takes account of the current condition of the components and when they will reach the end of their life. The works can then be put into the corresponding year. In this way you regain control and can budget accordingly.

An accurate survey is the first step

A thorough PPM survey is the first step in creating a good PPM Plan. An inspection of the building, recording item type, condition, works required and allocating priorities is made and is the basis for creation of the PPM Plan.

Gain strategic control

With your PPM Plan in hand you can take strategic decisions. For instance, you might choose not to paint the windows for an extra year or two to help save money for a project which will renew them in a self finished material and then never pay to paint them again. Or leave a whole area or building vacant and out of maintenance because its cheaper to use and maintain another. There are many ways you can use the insight a PPM Plan will give you. The key is putting the right information in it.

We’ll be delighted to help you plan for the future.

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