Dorian Burt – 25 Years in Property

25 Years in Property - Laurel

I was reminded the other day I have clocked up 25 years of work in the property industry.

I left school at 16 and my first job was in a maintenance surveyors office. I answered the telephone and sent contractors to deal with all kinds of building problems, referring more complicated things to the surveyors. I studied building at college one day a week. There was no internet or email at work back then, we had one green-screen computer in the corner of the office and I was shown how to churn out statistics; the only thing it could do. I remember the boss often accusing me of playing ‘space invaders’ on it. We sent letters or memos and the answer took a week or more to come back. How times have changed.

So much has happened since it could fill a book. I couldn’t have known then all the twists and turns of my career, the variety of work I would have and the experiences throughout. I especially wouldn’t have guessed the qualifications I’d get or that I’d be running my own business one day. Looking back, surveying really must be one of the best, most varied, interesting and fun careers. We work with every industry sector, with people from all walks of life, see behind the scenes literally everywhere and get to make a difference; not just to buildings, but to all of us in and around them too.

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